Skew Trap Toilet Suites

Skew traps toilet suites have the waste pipe going out through the wall to the side of the pan.

They are not used very often now and can pose a real problem when replacing an existing suite.

They are very limited in designs and are quite expensive when compared to a standard suite of similar type.

Skew trap toilet suites have been used extensively in older high-rise apartments across Australia.

There are only several options for skew trap toilets in Australia;

If you need to replace a skew trap suite it may be worthwhile discussing with your plumber about relocating the toilet to a position where a standard S or P trap suite can be used.

If the toilet can’t be relocated you might be able to use a pan bend (similar to a pan connector). The pan bend fits onto a P trap pan, it has a 90 deg bend which you can then connect to the pipe through the wall. Check with your plumber if this option is suitable.

If you can use the pan bend option you will certainly increase the number of available suites suitable for your bathroom style and budget. The best type of suites to use with a pan bend would be a connector suite, and possible some close coupled suites.

Another option, if you have the space, is to build a false hob/wall behind the toilet. Your plumber can then run new pipework to the pipe in the wall. You would then be able to use a standard P trap suite.

* Image: Caroma Profile 4 Skew Trap Suite


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